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FINE. I'll try to keep up with the tons of stuff I'm signed to. This time I won't leave NG like I've done the past 49059340 times I said I wouldn't.

I may have some projects coming including music-aimed animation and such. Nothing is sure though.

I'm Back!

2010-07-29 17:45:49 by seankay

Yep, I'm back, and currently downloading Macromedia Flash 8 for the 5th time lol

Be ready to see moar crappy animations, and senseless games :D

Sonic da 'Hedgehog!

2009-07-05 16:48:50 by seankay

Im BORED im gonna sing what i remember from Ope your heart lolz

thunder rage nd lightin danger water risin' blah blah blah blah blah blah whats gonna happen to us all the steps we take all the moves we make all the bal blah blah i see the chaos who anyone blah blah blah what can we doooo

Sonic da 'Hedgehog!

Wooo-hoooo!!!! I'm LVL 5!!!!!!

Level UPENRISEN!!! lolz deutschland uber alles

Posted, passed

2009-02-27 18:34:05 by seankay

Yep, it passed wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee


It will feature 2 Brawl Characters! Guess Who? one's name starts with an "M" and the other's an "L"

It could be Mario or Marth or Meta and Lucario or Lucas or Link or Luigi

And again a Pic of her <3 <3 <3

[Italian Accent] I'ma working ina neeu proyect-a!

and she just breaked up with her bf!
i want her to be MINE!

She  is sexy..or not? well, at least for me...

yeah, i'm bored.

2009-02-14 20:10:08 by seankay

My next project is a bit freezed cuz' a multicolor zombie vacummed all my imagination and i have nothing left to finish it....

Multicolor Zombie (MZ): Yummy brain.... awadamasanalakatarapajahagafaqavabacax aza

Me: Hey thats MY brain you're eatin' , bitch!

yeah, i'm bored.

Halp me people!

2009-02-08 00:31:21 by seankay

Please help me!!! i need ideas for flashes!1 whatever you want yous say your idea!!! (if u have the script to do it, better!)
just comment, talk, express yourself in this post

and scream like a retarded : WHEEEEEEEEEE
And look at this awesome guitar till' your eyes pop out!

Halp me people!


2009-01-26 17:26:34 by seankay

My first Non-Blammed Submission!!!